Guangdong London Glass Machinery Development prospects

                 London is located in Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong Pearl River Delta, once known domestic woodworking machinery base. Today, the glass industry machinery and equipment machinery is London an important part, after becoming the woodworking machinery has a thriving force in machinery and equipment industry. After ten years of temper, London formed a company focused on the glass machinery, product range, domestic and foreign sales of industrial flow advantage.
Currently, the London showing the glass machinery industry, three major characteristics:
First, the formation of intensive development of industrial clusters. In London less than 60 square kilometers of land, with dozens of glass machinery manufacturers, glass machinery manufacturing enterprises accounted for about 10% of the total number to 15% on the glass machinery manufacturing enterprises are intensive extent elsewhere in the country can not match of. In addition, the London accounting for annual sales of glass machine glass machine's total annual sales of about 20%, this percentage is increasing. London glass machinery product range, covering almost flat glass deep processing of cold, heat production machinery and equipment, such as drilling, cutting, milling, sand blasting, cleaning, engraving and steel, bending, mezzanine and other production machinery and equipment. Many enterprises have become the leading glass machinery manufacturers, their products have the domestic advanced level.
Second, the specialized division of labor. London Glass mechanical development process less than 20 years, but the relatively high degree of social division of labor specialization, is conducive to the rational allocation of technical personnel, technical information to pass on, the organic integration of market share, production costs, as well as the sharing of natural resources.
Third, a strong competitive advantage in international trade window. London is located in Shunde, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta with convenient transportation, foreign access to information, coupled with London independent innovation capacity of glass machinery, products, and technical performance to meet the needs of foreign markets. London in recent years, rapid growth in exports of glass machinery, total sales last year, exports accounted for about 10% to 15% products are exported to Asia, Australia and Europe, with Germany, Italy, Korea and other manufacturers or merchants to set up a technical cooperation or trade partnership, a strong impetus to the process of international trade, London glass machinery, glass machinery for the domestic but also open up a valid export channel.
The industry believes that, in the great market demand, London all the advantages of both glass machinery, coupled with strong government support, the development of very promising.
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